Ellipsis Studio 2017/18, The Cass



Press Pass Studio 2015/16 The Cass

Press Pass: Publishing power tools for designers and illustrators

Studio Curators: Sarah Boris, Angharad Lewis
Studio Leader: Matthew Hobson
Studio Assistant: William Brown

We will all become publishers in this studio. By investigating, practicing – and sometimes subverting – the act of publishing, we will engage with a complete design process: from developing ideas and visualising content, to learning production processes and reaching an audience.

The studio is run by a group of practicing designers, writers and designer/writers. Sarah Boris is an award-winning graphic designer who has worked for clients including Phaidon and ICA. Angharad Lewis is an editor of grafik.net and author/ editor of several books and contributor to industry titles.

Publishing is, at it heart, about creating a public, reaching an audience. The skills we develop by publishing work are essential not only for self-initiated projects but also for reflecting and talking about your own work and communicating your ideas to a client. Students will explore, step-by-step, the process of funding, making and distributing a published work, through both individual and collective projects, across print and digital media.

Design, illustration and publishing share a core motivation to communicate. This studio will unlock your inner wordsmith and help you find your voice and values as a visual artist. We will explore the power of the relationship between words and images.

Today is an exciting moment for publishing – there has never been a better time to create and engage with audiences. In this studio we will investigate and tap into the new ideas, tools and technology that are shaping publishing. We will meet the people and organisations who are rewriting the rules about making and distributing published work. Students will conduct a live publishing project with industry partner Grafik magazine.

Professional designers increasingly use their own publishing projects to demonstrate not only creative skills but also their spirit of curiosity, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. If you understand how to publish work, you can offer that as a service to your clients and collaborators  you can complete the circle between yourself as a designer, your client and the audience.